There are many people who only heard that there is only one knife or two. But actually, there are many different types of knives for different people can use. In this article, you will learn some of them. Take a read below of some of the different knives you can use with their respective purposes.

1. Meat Carving Knife

You can find different types of meat cutting knife which has different uses such as cutting meat into thin cuts, roast, poultry, hams and other cooked meats. This knife is a little thinner than the chef knife used. It enables someone to cut a thinner and more precise slice. The pointed tip of this knife is good when it comes to cutting on the board and utilized in different ways compared to rounded blades.

2. Bread Knife

This knife is available in different lengths from 7 inches to 10 inches. Some have an offset handle to prevent the one using it from hitting the knuckles on the cutting board. This knife has two types of blade, either slightly curved or straight. The serrated edge can be good when it comes to not just cutting knife but as well as fruits.

3. Boning Knife

It is a knife also used for the meat which is either flexible or has stiff blades. The usual length of the blade is from 3 inches to 8 inches an used to separate the bone and meat. It is great for seaming, shaping and denuding. This knife is mostly used by experienced butchers when roasting legs of veal and lamb, filleting fish or whole ham. The blade is semi-flexible so it allows to bend to keep the edge as close as possible to the bone. If you want to do a precise cut, select a stiff blade knife.

4. Chef’s Knife

This knife is known also as a cook’s knife and the commonly found kind of knife found in a commercial kitchen. The knife is available in different sizes from 6 inches to 14 inches. But the most popular choice is 8 inches to 12 inches. It is good when it comes to mincing, slicing and chopping.

5. The Utility Knife

This knife size is from 4 and 7 inches and mostly used as a mini chef’s knife. It has a serrated or straight blade which is used for cutting meat and vegetable that are too small to use the chef’s knife. It also has a scalloped edge which is ideal for cutting. It will work perfectly for tomatoes and squash cutting. You can also use it when you want to prepare cabbage, sandwich meat and lettuces.

How to take care of your knife?

Some tips on how to make your knife last long:

1. Handle your knife with respect. It can damage easily if you use it carelessly. Many good-quality knives are made for lifetime usage but when you don’t take care of it properly, it will be prone to damages.

2. Always keep it sharp. Learn the proper way for sharpening the blades if your knives. A sharp knife can perform its use better with less effort such as cutting foods.

3. Always keep it clean. You need to clean your knife after using it. Make sure the handle till the blade is sanitized properly.


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