Types of Carry On Knife Sheaths, There are many ways in which you can carry your knife. The options depend on your comfort in carrying your knife. But if you are not sure what option you want, below are the other options on how people carry their knife around while concealing it to the public. Read the options in order to help you choose.

types of carry on knife sheats

1. Carry on Your Neck

The latest trend now is carrying your knife around your neck. Most of the knife carried around the neck is lightweight and has around 3 inches blade. The sheath of your knife is attached to a ball chain or a paracord which makes it simple to slip your knife on and off your neck. But this kind of carry on option has its own pros and cons to deal with.

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The first con is carrying a sharp object where your heart and lungs are near. Do you think it is practical or safe? You might get caught into an accident. The pro on carrying your knife around the neck is you can conceal it from the public. You can hide the knife under your shirt and people won’t notice you are carrying it around.

Before you select this option, make sure you weigh the pros and cons. In this way, you won’t waste your money. It might be the best way to carry your knife but it does not mean its good for everyone.

2. Clip on Your Pants or Shorts

Using belt sheaths are also popular because it is easy to put and carry around. But in case you don’t have a belt, what will you do to attach your sheath? You can have the option in carrying your knife on your pocket. But if the knife is too big, this cannot be the option. During emergency option where you require your knife with you, there should be an alternative option to carry your knife around your pants without the belt.

The best way to do it is a clip or a belt loop. But the clip is the best way to conceal your knife while carrying it on your side. It is easy to put by just clipping it and you are ready to go.

3. Attached on Your Bra

For women, the best way to conceal a knife is attaching it to your bra. It’s the best way for a woman to be armed in public without others knowing she is carrying something. But this option is best rather than the neck sheath. Why? The knife is not allowed to move while the carrier is moving around, even when you are running. It will be in the same position throughout the day you are carrying the knife while concealing the weapon from others.

4. Wear it Like an ID

If your knife is tiny, this might be a good option. A badge sheath is like a fancy badge ID that most teachers or health professionals carry. This badge is exceptional as it carries your knife. The best thing about this option is you can carry it easily and anytime but only with a small knife



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