Kitchen Knife

The knife is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. No matter what you have to cut – meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs – good kitchen knives are always welcome! It makes your task easier and efficient allowing you to chop whatever you require to whip up those delicacies finely. So if you’re on a lookout for some good kitchen knife sets for your kitchen, you need to go through these recommendations and reviews before you zero down to the best choice:

Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku:
Wusthof has a great name when it comes to quality kitchen knives. It also happens to be the chef’s choice! This Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku is a perfect knife – it has a firm grip and a thick, sharp blade making chopping easy for you. Plus, it works well with all kinds of chopping, slicing and cutting too! Get one for yourself right away!

Kitchen Knife

The Michael Bras collection:
This collection is an outcome of a collaboration between French chef Michael Bras and Kai of Shun knives. The chef personally looked into the design, look, the utility of these knives, and this has probably been the most successful collaboration between a chef and a steel master! The knives are so well done that chefs all over the world use and recommend them to others too!

shun Knives

Bob Kramer Damascus Chef’s knife:
This 8″ long knife is every chef’s dream! The knife has a sturdy handle and a perfect blade that gives you the required grip and also allows you to work with the required speed in the kitchen. Again, recommended by chef’s all over the world, this knife is one thing you need to get right away in your kitchen!

Masahiro carbon 9.5″ Gyuto:
This Japanese brand has been winning hearts of Michelin star chefs all over the world. These chefs firmly believe that the Japanese knives are better off than their German counterparts as the metal used in the Japanese knives is just perfect! Way to go, Masahiro!

Cary Thomas knives:
Cary Thomas, a former restaurant owner, of course, would know how important a knife is to a chef. He kept this in mind while crafting his range of knives. Every detail has been paid attention to, and this collection of knives is again – vouched by chefs all over. Cary’s background makes these knives more reliable.


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