Tips in Choosing a Tactical Knife, Many people spent time outdoors for adventure. There are those who are researching and testing which tactical knives will best fit their adventure. There are many types you can choose but always keep an eye on the qualities you are looking for.

Tips in Choosing a Tactical Knife

If you are confused as to what to consider when choosing a tactical knife, below are some important information that can help you. You need to consider the following things in order to have the best tactical knife for yourself.

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Design of the Blade
It seems to be that there is only one single design when it comes to blade design. As of today, a tactical knife has different types of uses such as cutting materials and meat, opening cans, self-defense or even breaking glass. Most design consists of a partly serrated and single edge. Sometimes the spine is smooth and has a clip edge point.

Core of the Blade
Most tactical knives are made of high-carbon steel because it can hold points and edge better than others. This is very essential as you don’t have time to always sharpen the blade of your knife during the combat. Having a reliable point is the most important requirement you should have for your knife.

Size of the Knife
If you want a knife that you can carry anywhere, then you have many choices in the market. More often people are sometimes disappointed on small blades because they could not meet the expectations of the one using rather than the other types of knives. Some military tactical knives are more than ten inches with a blade half its length.

Handle of the Knife
Bear in mind that when it comes to selecting a tactical knife for yourself, the most important you should look into just like the blade is also the handle. You should take your time to look for a knife designed for your finger grip and palm texture. Test the knife’s handle before buying. Hold it firmly in your hand. Choose the type you are familiar with and the best for you.

Weight of the Knife
You should also take into consideration the weight of the knife. The weight usually depends on the materials used such as the blade. If you want a knife that lasts longer, you can choose a heavier blade for rough activities. But if you are going to use it on normal activities, a lighter blade can be a good choice. But the perfect balance of a tactical knife is the one you can easily carry wherever you are. Most choices vary from 10 to 15 ounces.

Tang of the Knife
What is the tang? It is the part of the blade that connects the handle. There are terms you should know about tangs such as rat-tail tang, half tang and full tang. A full tang is like a sword that it has no separation between the blade and handle. A half tang is two separate parts glued together. The most military tactical knife has full tang style to go for maximum strength.


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