choosing the best knife for kitchen is not difficult. There are high-quality, and there are also poor quality. It is also a good investment to your kitchen because daily you spend time cooking. It will be your partner when it comes to preparing your food. That is why it is essential to find a knife that is not just durable but also has strength, comfortable handling and many more. In this article, you can read some important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best knives for your kitchen. Let’s get started now:

choosing the best knife

1. Focus on what you need. A kitchen should at least have four types of knives. The most important and the most used blade is the 8 inches long. It is used for slicing, chopping and dicing different kinds of foods. A knife slicer is mostly longer and thinner that is used to cut cooked meats. A utility knife is used in slicing and cutting vegetables and fruits. This knife is usually four to six inches which makes it convenient to use. The paring knife is three to four inches that are perfect for coring and peeling.

2. Familiarize the terms. Knives are either stamped or forged. Forged knives are molten steel that is beaten and cut into the desired shape. This knife tends to be sold at a higher price. The blade has heavy bolster, sturdy and heel. It is designed to protect the hand of the one using the knife. Forged blades are also less flexible which makes it less adaptable to bend over the long time than stamped. A stamped knife is created by a cookie-cutter machine. It the same thickness except for the cutting edge. It also does not have a heel and bolsters. Even as compared to a top-rated forged knife, stamped is capable of doing a better performance. It is also less expensive compared to the first.

3. Consider what you mostly cook. There are set you can buy which has a lot of pieces that are good for specialized preparation. You can also buy separate knives sold in the market that is referred to as “open stock”. Most of the good knives come from this open stock. The type of called santoku is a cutting-edge knife that is good for fine slicing. It is less bulky and lighter than a cleaver. But this not is suitable when you are chopping bones.

4. Consider the caring factor. Consider the people in your house. Most of them tend to leave the knives in the sink unwashed or just put them in the dishwasher. In this kind of situation, be sure to pick knives that can last as long through time and work their best. Choose knives that are not prone to corrosion. The fine edges of your knives required frequent honing. However, if you are the type who does not sharpen often, consider buying a low-maintenance set.

5. Try holding the holder of the knife. Look for a knife that has a pleasant and comfortable holder. You can ask some sample on the salesperson when you are shopping for knives and let you see if the handle fits your taste.


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