ESEE Model 4

The Best Survival Knife, When you are going to be stranded in a place, it is important to survive by accomplishing something. It is the reason why many people love the outdoor look for the best survival knife in the market. You can find many options out there. It can easily confuse you as to what to buy. To help you with that, here are some of the top survival knives people choose with its corresponding reviews.

ESEE Model 4

The most important feature you have to look when it comes to buying the best survival knife is the construction. We should look for the weight and dimension of it. Usually, the ideal portable survival knife is around 8 ounces because you can handle it easily whenever you are moving. The blade will be about 4.1 inches, and the overall size of the knife is about 4.5 inches. This is the ideal type of all the users.

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Another important feature of this model is its ergonomics. The handle is made correctly and low profile. Many people can easily maneuver this knife thanks to the handle design.

Morkanic Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife Model

It is listed as one of the best survival outdoor knives. Why? This is you will like not only the way of its performance but also its looks. The brand is already popular in making good knives which can be used on various purposes. What good about this knife is it’s affordable and good enough for its performance. The knife is sturdy and solid that can last for almost a lifetime.

The knife handle sits perfectly in your hands when using it. You will not have a hard time maneuvering it around. Even though the sheat is made with plastic, it can still get the job done. The blade is the reason why this knife popular to many. It is made of steel metal. The material enough makes the knife usable for many years.

SOG Force Fixed Blade Knife

If you have been searching a knife around, then you must have not missed the SOG knives. This is a high-quality brand of knife used for many purposes. The first thing you will notice on this knife is the construction which uses AUS-8 steel. The material makes the knife durable and in good terms with the corrosion when used on hard activities. Since the model has a good built, you can eventually use it on different applications.

Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife

This model is famous for its drop point design. You will have a great time using this knife as its ideal as well for different purposes. You can use it for chopping or cutting with ease. The knife is also ergonomics and its handle is made of Kraton. it is a semi-rubbery with a high-density polymer. This makes it appealing to many people around.

Overall, the knife is very comfortable to use. It can chop any stuff without having a hard time. This is because the knife won’t slip as you do the chopping.


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