Tanto Point Knives: The Pros and Cons of Buying One

When shopping for knives, most of us would shop for ones that can be used for many purposes. After all, good quality knives are not exactly cheap so when we buy one, we want it to do the toughest job when necessary. But sometimes, all-purpose knives aren’t exactly what we’re looking for when we want some specific use of knives. Take for instance the tanto blade.

Tanto Point Knives were originally designed for armor piercing. Its style is similar to that of Japanese short and long swords. In fact, a traditional tanto blade is a mini katana sword that was used by the Japanese Samurai.  What makes a tanto knife fascinating is that it has a high point with a flat grind. This makes it an extremely strong blade that is great for stabbing into hard materials and surfaces.

Despite the many changes in the point, edge, and blade of the traditional ones, modern tanto point knives are still as functional that can be used for specific things that you want – whether it is for self-defense or for chopping vegetables.

But despite being considered as a good tactical knife, there are pros and cons when getting a tanto point knife.

Here are the pros and cons when you buy tanto point knives.

Pros of getting Tanto Point Knives

1. Tip Strength

As mentioned earlier, the most obvious advantage of a tanto point blade is the strength of its tip. Compared to spear point blades or drop point, the triangular shape leading to the tip of a tanto point blade is what makes it stronger. Its style and shape are what makes it good to stab and pry.

2. Design

There is no doubt that when it comes to knives, Japanese blades look absolutely in great shape. They are well known for their excellent blades and stainless steels. Not only does a tanto knife look cool in shape but it is also practical.

3. Serviceability

Tanto blades have two flat edge without that much curve on them. This makes it easier to sharpen those workable edges even if you don’t have a sharpening tool with you. You can sharpen a tanto blade edge with your car glass windows or a flat stone. Nonetheless, that does not mean it is not easy to sharpen a tanto blade.


of getting Tanto Point Knives

1. Difficult to sharpen

A tanto blade has two separate bevels so it feels like you will be sharpening two knives. It is quite easy when you think about it but compared to other knives where you can do so on one fixed continuous edge, sharpening a tanto serrated blade can be a pain.

2. There’s isn’t much use for it.

A tanto blade is great when you have to perform stabbing or prying techniques. Otherwise, it is fairly impractical. For one, if you will be using it for slicing or cutting most of the time, a drop point serrated blade is much more practical. You will find a lot of stainless tactical knives with better use and are also easier to use.

It all boils down to what your purpose is for getting a knife. If you think a tanto knife does well for what you need it for, then it will definitely serve its purpose straight away.

Here are some of the best tanto point knives in the market.

Cold Steel Recon 3V

This tanto knife has a black color and is a straight-up top choice on the battlefield. In fact, according to reviews, this knife is the best choice in active war zones like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Based on reviews, it is great for cutting and is highly durable.

Spyderco Para 3

Spyderco Para 3 is a classic Tanto point knife that offers a low-friction cutting experience. It’s a great type for everyday carry knife as it is easy to conceal. The handle is classic black and lightweight.

Kershaw Brawler

Kershaw Brawler has a black handle and corrosion-resistant steel. Many consider this as the best folding tanto knife for everyday use. It is efficient when it comes to dicing, cutting, slicing, and is also perfectly curved into a user’s palm. This type is highly durable and easier to sharpen compared to fixed blades. It also has a more affordable price tag.

Cold Steel Micro Recon

One of the best prices for a tanto pocket knife is the Cold Steel Micro Recon. It is a great choice because no sharpening is needed and you can immediately use it when you get it out o the box. Whether it is for camping, hunting, or for everyday tasks, this choice is worth it. More importantly, the micro tanto blade can pierce any hard material like butter. You get superior serviceability when using this particular tanto knife.