Self- Defense Knives to Choose

Self Defense Knives to Choose, Criminals are everywhere. You don’t know when they will appear and getting ready might be essential. You don’t really need to have a gun, to protect your self. A simple self-defense knives might be enough to intimidate them. Plus, the law for carrying a knife is not that hard compared to license in carrying a gun.

Self Defense Knives to Choose

If you are looking for some good self-defense knife, below are some of the suggestions we can recommend to you.

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What’s the pro?

– It’s extremely durable

What’s the con?

– The opening mounted knob is so close to the knife’s handle.

A good self-defense knife must be able to stand up and can compete to whatever trials and battles at any cost. Just because you don’t have a budget, you will only settle for a knife that once it hits the bone, the blade is going to split into two. This knife is made of steel and comes with a titanium carbo-nitride coating on both blades. This keeps elements from wear down problem and ideal for any skinning, fighting and gutting.


What is the pro?

– It can be easily secured anywhere.

What is the con?

– Its thick blade looks like a secondary knife

When it comes to boot knives, this is the first choice. It makes an excellent backup because its big enough to do its primary job. It is small enough that you can easily strap it on your leg, at your back or even just hang on your neck. Its length is only 7 inches, though it is large for a boot knife, you will never regret using it rather than smaller sizes. The knife weight is ideal when it comes to throwing a knife if you don’t want someone to get away.


What’s the pro?

– You can easily conceal this knife.

What’s the con?

– It only uses is for self-defense

This knife is popular to police officers. It is designed for them in times that they cannot get their firearms and built for very close fighting. It has a 45-degree angle makes its ability to draw easily even if you are twisted around. It has a pistol style grip for efficiency. It is only ideal for jabbing not much for stabbing as well as cutting and gutting.


What’s the pro?

– Ideal for maximum intimidation.

What’s the con?

– The black coating of the knife is easily removed

When it comes to self-defense knife, it is best to go for the best. The good about this is its incredible for a tactical knife that allows you to work on danger situation. The built is coupled with finger notches and heavy textured grip. The five inches blade is coated in black making it ideal for concealing as it won’t catch the light. The knife can also be used for fishing, hunting or backpacking.

There are more self-defense knives you can actually use. You can research them and choose what best fit for your needs.


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