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Types of Knives People Can Use

There are many people who only heard that there is only one knife or two. But actually, there are many different types of knives for different people can use. In this article, you will learn some of them. Take a read below of some of the different knives you can use with their respective purposes.

How to Choose A Pocketknife?

Many people think that carrying a pocketknife is only for tradesman or miscreant. However, there are different purposes why men choose to carry it in their pocket. Aside from the pocketknife can be used for defending yourself, but, there are many reasons why they choose to carry it always Here are some of the reasons:a. To open letter or parcels.b....

How to Sharpen Serrated Knife?

taking care of your knife
The sharp points of a serrated knife are the receiving end of the wear, especially when it is used to shave meat from the bones. You need to maintain the edge for this knife to cut with fashion even it is worn out. But eventually, a serrated knife begins to tear in the future where tear rather than slicing...

Self Defense Knives to Choose

Self- Defense Knives to Choose
Self Defense Knives to Choose, Criminals are everywhere. You don't know when they will appear and getting ready might be essential. You don't really need to have a gun, to protect your self. A simple self-defense knives might be enough to intimidate them. Plus, the law for carrying a knife is not that hard compared to license...

How to Take Care of Your Knife

Take Care of Your Knife Your knife is one of the most important when it comes to a survival situation. Why? Without your knife, you cannot cut the food you will eat on your camping. Without your knife, you will not be able to sharpen or cut any object. A U.S....

Leather Sheath Care Tips to Follow

Leather Sheath Care Tips, Finally You have bought yourself a new survival knife for your upcoming adventure. However, you need to have a nice leather sheath to go with it. This is the most important part of your survival knife, its house. It carries and protects the blade of your knife.

The Best Survival Knife to Choose

ESEE Model 4
The Best Survival Knife, When you are going to be stranded in a place, it is important to survive by accomplishing something. It is the reason why many people love the outdoor look for the best survival knife in the market. You can find many options out there. It can easily confuse you as to what to...

6 Survival Kit Items You Must Have

6 Survival Kit Items, If you are a person who loves adventure into the wilderness, you should have your own survival kit. A kit that can help you when you face a critical situation between life and death. So, what you should include on your survival kit? Here are...

Factors to Consider in Selecting Tactical Knife

For survival and fighting, a tactical knife is an essential part of an outdoor person. It is designed not just for survival but as well as for utility. You can use the knife for slicing meat and fish, hunting, cutting and many more. Functionality and toughness depend on the design.

How to Find the Best Self-Defense Knife? Mistakes to Avoid

Self- Defense Knives to Choose
If you are looking for a self-defence tool, a knife can be one of the best options. It is light, easy to carry around and if you only research can be legal. It can be a potential tool to save your life than carrying a gun. Unfortunately, many...
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