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Top 8 Santoku Knives from Knifewear

Santoku Knives
In the kitchen, one of the most important tools you are going to need is a knife. It is even said that a knife is a chef’s partner in the kitchen. It should be comfortable to feel when used so you can achieve that perfect dish you want to cook. Whether it...

Survival Tips in the Wild

survival tips in the wild. If ever you find yourself stuck in the wild, you only need four things to survive. They are water, food, warmth and shelter. It can be essential to read some articles about how to survive in the wild, especially if you are an adventurous person. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/EwSrpxMJ3LU/maxresdefault.jpg

Options on How to Sharpen Your Knife in the Wild

Sharpen Your Knife in the Wild. A survival knife in hand in the wild increases your chance of surviving. This is the most important thing you should have rather than food. Why? If you get stuck for too long in the wild, the food you have in your hands will long be gone. But if you have...

Taking Care of Your Knife

How to Take Care of Your Knife
Taking Care of Your Knife, Your knife is one of the most important when it comes to a survival situation. Why? Without your knife, you cannot cut the food you will eat on your camping. Without your knife, you will not be able to sharpen or cut any object.

How to Choose the Right Blade Edge?

Picking the type of blade edge knife for you is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider to say that this knife matches your need. But before you decide to buy, it might be best to give some time in researching information about knives. If...

Types of Carry On Knife Sheaths

Types of Carry On Knife Sheaths, There are many ways in which you can carry your knife. The options depend on your comfort in carrying your knife. But if you are not sure what option you want, below are the other options on how people carry their knife around while concealing it to the public. Read the...

Types of Knives People Can Use

There are many people who only heard that there is only one knife or two. But actually, there are many different types of knives for different people can use. In this article, you will learn some of them. Take a read below of some of the different knives you can use with their respective purposes.

How to Choose A Pocketknife?

Many people think that carrying a pocketknife is only for tradesman or miscreant. However, there are different purposes why men choose to carry it in their pocket. Aside from the pocketknife can be used for defending yourself, but, there are many reasons why they choose to carry it always Here are some of the reasons:a. To open letter or parcels.b....

How to Sharpen Serrated Knife?

taking care of your knife
The sharp points of a serrated knife are the receiving end of the wear, especially when it is used to shave meat from the bones. You need to maintain the edge for this knife to cut with fashion even it is worn out. But eventually, a serrated knife begins to tear in the future where tear rather than slicing...

Self Defense Knives to Choose

Self- Defense Knives to Choose
Self Defense Knives to Choose, Criminals are everywhere. You don't know when they will appear and getting ready might be essential. You don't really need to have a gun, to protect your self. A simple self-defense knives might be enough to intimidate them. Plus, the law for carrying a knife is not that hard compared to license...
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