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The Best Knives for Outdoor Camping

The Best Knives for Outdoor Camping
Camping in the great outdoors is fun until you realized you don’t have the right tools to chop wood or slice your food. To enjoy the outdoors, it is important to take into consideration the stuff you are going to carry. One of the most important tools you should always bring with you is a knife. And not just...

Tanto Point Knives: The Pros and Cons of Buying One

Tanto Point Knives: The Pros and Cons of Buying One
When shopping for knives, most of us would shop for ones that can be used for many purposes. After all, good quality knives are not exactly cheap so when we buy one, we want it to do the toughest job when necessary. But sometimes, all-purpose knives aren't exactly what we're looking for when we want some specific use of...

10 Iconic Knives You Should Add to Your Knife Collection

10 Iconic Knives You Should Add to Your Knife Collection
For hundreds of years, humans have been constantly improving the design and functionality of knives. It is a basic tool that has been around ever since the caveman days. Today, not only is it an essential tool in the kitchen and the outdoors, it has become a prized item that many knife enthusiasts like to add iconic knives to...

Is It Bad Luck to Give Knives as a Gift?

What You Need to Know About Damascus Steel 2
When we think of gifts, we usually don’t think about anything sharp like knives. We have all heard the stories from friends and relatives about kitchen knives and the superstitions that surround them. A lot of people believe that it is bad luck to give knives to someone as it signifies accidents, injury, and even death. It is as...

Tips on Choosing a Good Knife

Tips on Choosing a Good Knife 2
There are many good knives available out there. They all have different characteristics and some of them can be used for different purposes. It is also important to know the differences between choosing a good knife. Knowing these differences can help you in choosing the right type of knife for you. Choose a good quality knife. One of the best tips...

Why Everyone Needs A Larchwood Cutting Board?

Why Everyone Needs A Larchwood Cutting Board 2
Larchwood cutting board is also known as hardwood cutting boards. If you want to give your dining room a more sophisticated and traditional look, then you might want to consider getting one of these beautiful pieces of furniture. Cutting boards are also very important tools to have in the kitchen. Not only does it allow you to chop easily...

Tips When Giving a Knife as a Gift

Tips When Giving a Knife as a Gift 3
To give the best knife as a gift, you must make sure that you give it to someone who will truly appreciate it. This is a must when thinking about giving a knife as a gift. Knives often have a connotation for bad luck. Nevertheless, it will only appear as bad luck if people believe it. This is why...

A Simple Guide to Sharpening Your Knives

A Simple Guide to Sharpening Your Knives
A ceramic honing rod is one of the best tools you can use in sharpening your knives. Unlike steel or diamond rods, a ceramic honing rod will not grind a lot of steel from the edge. Sharpening is a very important part of knife maintenance and knowing how to sharpen them properly very essential. The reason why this is...

How to Repair Chipped Knives – Quickly and Effectively

Chipped Knives
Chipped knives can be annoying. Sometimes, you simply do not know to deal with it. But before you do anything to your knives, you need to understand how they get chipped. A lot of people think that if a knife looks chipped it is broken. This couldn't be further from the truth. The first thing you should know is that...

Harness Your Japanese Kitchen Knife Skills Like A Pro

Japanese Kitchen Knife 2
Japanese kitchen knife always been known for their beautiful and detailed design. On top of that, the cuts it produces is a coveted feature for years! Its blades are typically delicate and thin. It may not be an ideal tool for someone who is not yet well familiar with the kitchen, but once you get the hang of it,...
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