Leather Sheath Care Tips, Finally You have bought yourself a new survival knife for your upcoming adventure. However, you need to have a nice leather sheath to go with it. This is the most important part of your survival knife, its house. It carries and protects the blade of your knife.

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The sheath material should be maintained but it can be difficult. So not to waste your time, below are some best helpful leather sheath care tips. It will keep it on the top shape, so continue reading.

1. Take care of your leather before it cracks or hardens. You can save the leather of your knife if you put some leather conditioner on it properly. The moisture you see at the edge of the sheat can lead to the ruin of your knife. But if the moisture is not ruining the blade, then the knife will cut your sheath if it’s hardened.

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2. Always read the label before using the product. This is the most important thing you should not take for granted when it comes to leather sheath care. The leather is also like skin and not all the types of treatment products are good for it. Let’s take for example the neatsfoot oil. There are brands in neatsfoot oil which contains a petroleum jelly that makes the leather dries up. Just think that you don’t want to put products on your skin that you don’t like, right?

There are products such as natural oils, natural preservatives, beeswax. Each product has its own purpose and the label will tell you the purpose of them. But most of them are designed to treat soft leathers like footwear. It would only be great if used on shoes and can’t do too much on a sheath.

3. Do not use shoe polish. It won’t dry, and it will rub on your clothes when you are wearing the sheath. You don’t want to end up cleaning your clothes too. Shoe polish is often hard to remove and is not effective when it comes to treating your sheath.

4. Use the oil little by little. If you put too much, the oil will seep deep through the sheath and will reach your knife. If it’s exposed on too much moisture the stainless steel can even get rust. So, when you apply just take it a small amount and dab.

5. Sometimes a new leather sheath has abrasive grit. It can cause a scratch to your blade or worst make the blade dull. It can also destroy the stitches of the sheath. So, you might want to avoid this scenario.

6. If the sheath is wet, let it on air dry. Do not expose it on the sun or let it dry so fast. Why? The natural oil loses immediately, and it becomes stiff. It will be hard to restore your leather sheath or just end up losing it. So, you have to buy a new one.

Take these tips to the heart so you won’t be replacing your leather sheath anytime soon.


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