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When we think of gifts, we usually don’t think about anything sharp like knives. We have all heard the stories from friends and relatives about kitchen knives and the superstitions that surround them. A lot of people believe that it is bad luck to give knives to someone as it signifies accidents, injury, and even death. It is as if giving knives as a gift is like wishing someone else bad luck.What You Need to Know About Damascus Steel

It’s a given that knives are dangerous – they’re used in the most hazardous environments, and the potential for injury is quite high. Knives are sharp enough to cut through metal and wood, but can also pierce flesh and bone with ease.

But knives are also quite useful items, especially in the kitchen. And if you know someone who really loves to cook, one of the best items to give to that person is a strong and sharp knife. Knives are also valuable items that truly add value to someone’s life.

Benefits of having a sharp knife

  •       A sharp knife is predictable which means fewer chances of accidents.
  •       Food prep is faster and easier
  •       Knives will sink easily straight into whatever you are slicing.
  •       No slipping.
  •       You have more control over chopping or slicing.

Knives are good luck gifts, but that doesn’t mean the person who receives the knife will be blessed with good fortune. If the knife is meant to serve as a reminder of a happy moment in their life, that will probably work to their advantage. And the fact that it’s meant to be a symbol of the happy memories won’t be interpreted as an insult.

This is why when you are planning to give someone knives as a gift, you have to take some things into consideration.

  1. Is this person going to appreciate knives?
  2. Does this person believe receiving knives as a gift is bad luck?
  3. Will giving knives benefit this person?

Taking these points before giving out knives as a gift will make sure that both you and the person you are giving it to don’t have any ill feelings towards the gift. After all, if you are genuinely giving something, even if it’s a knife, the person receiving it will surely appreciate it and not think of it as bad luck.

Nevertheless, giving knives as a gift requires a conscious decision on your end too. If you’re giving knives to someone who is not responsible to use, then that can lead to a big possibility of bad luck. If the person is gifted with an expensive knife, the person will probably want to use it as much as possible, and this could lead to the knife ending up in the wrong hands. Giving a knife to someone who doesn’t know how to use it will likely be perceived as mean-spirited.

In the end, giving knives as a gift only ends up being bad luck if people have preconceived notions about it. Forget the superstitions and stories, there’s no scientific proof that giving knives as a gift will bring you good luck.