How to Spot Fake Knives

Knives are such an important tool in our kitchen which is why it is such an in-demand product in the market. On top of that, knives are a work of art and there are many knife makers who are constantly perfecting their craft in creating Benchmade knives. Nevertheless, there are many fake ones you can find which you think are great, but are actually made from low-quality materials. One should be careful and should spot fake knives as they can potentially harm you.

Why Fake Knives Are Dangerous?

Counterfeit knives are dangerous for one reason: You don’t know if the steel you are buying is durable. What makes a knife dangerous is unpredictability. If the materials used in making the case and steel of a knife are low-quality, they can easily break and result in accidents.

Signs You Need to Look Out For When Buying Knives

Cheap price and too good to be true deals

Authentic and benchmade knives are most likely sold at a higher price. All considering the process, the materials, and the branding behind it, you will find and understand the value of each knife. That is why when you buy Spyderco or Microtech knives, you are getting the value of your money. Hence, counterfeit knives are sold at a cheaper price and are most likely sold as too good to be true deals. For instance, many latest products sold on eBay can be counterfeit so you should read the details first before you buy.

Knife sellers with no established reputation

Let’s say you are checking out for knives or a knife case on eBay, you should be careful if the seller of the products does not have a website or in-depth information of the products he or she is selling. Chances are, the seller may be selling counterfeit knives. Always read the profile of the seller before you buy.

Poor workmanship is a sign that lets you spot fake knives.

One of the signs of an authentic and quality knife is its workmanship. You will be able to tell if the knife is a benchmade product by simply looking at it. You will see that it has an ergonomic design specifically made to make your use of it easier. Global knife brands such as Spyderco and Microtech are known for their benchmade products.

Brand is counterfeited

Some global knife brands such as Spyderco and Microtech are prone to counterfeiting problems. So, when you are considering getting a Spyderco knife, you should always check for signs of it is fake or not. Check out the website for post about their latest product and know the details of an authentic product.

Steps You Need to Take to Spot Fake Knives

Do your research.

The most important thing you need to do when you consider getting a knife is to do your research. Fake knives are usually poorly made and look a little different from the original. Having the knowledge of what’s authentic and not will allow you to determine one thing from another. If you can, be a member of a global forum about knives and read a post about counterfeit knives. As a forum member, you can check out details even from many years ago for images of authentic and fake knives. You can learn simple details that can help you in choosing a good quality knife brand you can trust.

Watch comparison videos.

The best thing about today’s modern world is that information is readily available online. You can even find comparison videos online for free which shows side by side comparison on which knives are fake and which ones are genuine. These comparison videos will show you the tiniest and smallest details that will help you in your final decision before making a purchase. The best thing about these videos is that you can find ones even from a long time ago and still remain relevant today.

Buy from reputable dealers.

To avoid buying fake knives altogether, it is important that you only make your purchase from reputable dealers. As much as possible, do not shop from dealers that do not have a good reputation in the knife community. Look for brands that can provide tried and tested products.

Look at reports of counterfeit products to spot fake knives.

There are many websites that can show you which knives are authentic and which ones are most likely fake. If you are unsure of the knife brand or model you are getting, research if there have been other reports about it.


Choosing a good knife should be one of the most important decision you should make for your kitchen. If you buy a good, high-quality knife, it will serve you well and will stay with you for a long time. It is an investment for your kitchen. So, remember, the next time you buy one, follow these steps to easily spot fake and avoid buying them.