Self- Defense Knives to Choose

If you are looking for a self-defence tool, a knife can be one of the best options. It is light, easy to carry around and if you only research can be legal. It can be a potential tool to save your life than carrying a gun.

Unfortunately, many people are not knowledgeable when it comes to carrying a self-defence knife. If you are looking forward to buying this weapon, make sure you read the information below to avoid mistakes.

1. Not researching about the law. Self-defence is legal on the law. It is admitting that you have committed a violent reaction to someone but justifying the act that you are defending yourself to protect your life. However, carrying a knife may not prove something about this matter. There are knife rules people should follow, but it can be confusing. They even vary in different states and area.

But no matter what, it is your duty to be a law-abiding citizen. You need to research the law applying in carrying a self-defence knife, especially when you are travelling. The best way to check the law of the place you are going to travel, you can use the app called Legal Blade in your smartphone.

2. Buying because its the popular choice. Social media plays a vital role when it comes to influencing people’s choice. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean that they serve the purpose for you when it comes to personal self-defence. It can be cool to see someone on Youtube swinging the knife like a pro. But it does not mean it will meet your personal needs.

Social media can be the best way to know what is the latest trend on self-defence knives. However, it might be best if you still research for information regarding the uses, design and the best about the knife. Keep looking for a knife that is suitable for your needs while you are keeping updated on the latest products in the market through social media.

3. Not training before using the knife. To use the knife efficiently, you need physical skills. However, if you don’t have it, you should be enrolled in some training skills in using a knife as self-defence. The idea of training is to allow you to use the knife legally when it comes to defending yourself when circumstances arise.

The training does not develop you to have the skill in using the knife but rather give you knowledge the necessity of knife to do its job. The basic training should teach you the basic cutting and thrusting function as a weapon. The training might require some tests on various targets. Make sure you enrolled only on a legitimate school that focuses on this training.

4. Using it in a wrong way. Many people are legal to carry a knife always such as the armed forces or a law authority, carrying a knife means it’s for your self-defence. If you are not an average user of a knife, buying something that is used for high-speed and martial arts weapon will not be the best choice for you. Pick a knife suitable for your skills and training. Do not forget also that is should serve its purpose for you.


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