How can you choose the best hunting knife? To be the best hunting knife, it actually depends on the user. There are many types of knives you can find in the market. However, how will you be able to determine what you want? There are three factors you should take into account when choosing a knife.

To help you with the problem, below are some helpful tips you can read and can be your guide when choosing your own best hunting knife.

1. What do you want? Fixed or folding blade? The first thing you have to consider when it comes to buying a hunting knife is choosing between the fixed or folding blade. A fixed blade is a permanently open position. There are no moving parts on this blade. They are considered strong and reliable for its purpose. However, the downside is that carrying this knife can be bulky. But the blade of a folding knife can be folded back into its handle. It has a lock feature which prevents the blade to close when using. Since the blade is folded, it can be easier to carry around. But the design feature is its disadvantage, The pivot part where the knife is folded can be the weak point. It isn’t as strong as the fixed knife when using. There are many several hunting knives you can choose in the market. You will be able to choose according to what you want.

2. After choosing fixed or folding, it is time to choose the type of blade. There are many types of blades to choose from, and it depends actually on the purpose of your hunting knife. There are three types of blades to choose from the clip point, drop point and skinning blade. The first one has a thin blade and a well-defined point. The blade is flat which makes this knife good for camp chores. It is also good for hunting purposes such as dressing and skinning animals. The second blade is specialized made hunting knife. It is used for dressing animal and skins but not to be used when cutting branch, twigs or rope. The blade is curved and think. The point is not well-defined which makes it best when it comes to skinning. The last blade, which is the skinning blade, is designed for skinning big animals. The blade can neatly separate the skin from the meat quickly. Though it is best for skinning, it can also be used in various hunting activities.

3. The next thing you should consider is the material, a choice between carbon steel or stainless steel blades. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The carbon steel is prone to rust, so they need maintenance. The regular use is the way you can prevent rust from forming on the blade. To prevent rust, you make sure to clean the blade thoroughly and then dry it completely. Add a wax containing silicon to help prevent extend its life. The wax is specially made to resist wax when used. The carbon steel is easier to sharpen and can last longer. Stainless steel is resistant to rust. It makes a popular choice among hunters on any condition. But it is difficult to sharpen and expensive than carbon steel.


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