Many people think that carrying a pocketknife is only for tradesman or miscreant. However, there are different purposes why men choose to carry it in their pocket. Aside from the pocketknife can be used for defending yourself, but, there are many reasons why they choose to carry it always

Here are some of the reasons:
a. To open letter or parcels.
b. To lose a rope, strings, cloth or thread.
c. To cut meat, fruits or a piece of cheese. Pocketknives are really handy when it comes to sampling food in the market.
d. To sharpen pencils, woods when camping, sailing or hiking.
e. For emergency purposes such as picking a lock or cutting seatbelt during accidents.

1. What type you should carry? It is about the type of pocketknife you should use always. You need to focus on the folding design and not the blade. It is important on how the blade opens when it comes to a folding knife. If you want a knife that relies on the tension between the handle and the blade to stay open is called a Swiss Army knife. This type of knife has a strong lock mechanism. There is also called the multitool which is convenient and small. The length is about two to four inches long. You can buy brands like SOG, Cold Steel, Spyderco and many more.

2. How will you carry it? The point of having a pocketknife is so you can put it in your pocket. If its bigger, bulkier and too awkward to carry, it might not be the one you need. You have to put the knife with the blade pointing up. This allows you to grab the knife easily and prevent the blade from falling down in the pocket. You can use pocket clips that can accommodate the blade’s tip and let you carry the pocketknife below your pocket. You can also research on some tips on how best carry the knife.

3. It does not mean its big its better. You can have a three inches long with 0.11 inches thick of blade. Shorter and thinner can make daily task better. It is better for slicing and it pivots more than thick blades. A knife is supposed to be useful for your everyday needs. It might be better should when you pick a tinner, shorter and lighter design because it won’t be difficult to carry also.

4. Choose the steel wisely. Steel comes in different types. When it comes to a pocketknife, it is nice to have to buy different types which you can easily maintain. A blade that is stainless is difficult to sharpen but it’s better when it comes to corrosion resistance. Avoid buying a knife that is classified as surgical steel. It is meaningless though the term sounds fancy. Instead, choose something that has steel in the name.

5. Consider the blade. The blade comes in a variety of form, grinds and shapes. For practicality use, choose a design the has drop-point shape. The sweeping stuff handle will give you a stuff cut and its very versatile, strong and easy to use. There are also different grinds to use but the best to pick is a full flat.


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