Combat and Tactical knives, If you’re an adventure junkie, and one who loves wandering in the unknown, you very well know the meaning and importance of being alert and prepared. You have to be on the watch every time you’re on the move and be prepared for the worst and unknown. You don’t know what surprises will crop up; they may be pleasant or unpleasant, unwanted surprises too. And you have no other way out, than being prepared with quick reflex, and the right weapon! And in this case, a tactical or combat knife will be just perfect!

The best part about tactical knives is that they are all-purpose. You can use them for all the possible things you can imagine to do with a knife. No wonder these are the very knives which are so very trusted and relied upon by the military in most countries. So much so, there’s also a standard military version of these knives! There are a lot of knives which come under this category – combat knives being one of them.

If you’re looking out for knives which can help you do more than just cut, you need to go in for tactical combat knives. And if you’re on a lookout for some of the best tactical knives around, you need to check this list which we’ve come up with:

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054:
A superb knife, with a blade length of 6 inches, this knife is indeed a sturdy one. The expanded length of this knife comes to 11 inches. There’s a screw attached to the base of the knife – which keeps the blade firm. Also, if at all you need to replace the blade, you can easily do so by loosening this otherwise set screw.


Kershaw’s Launch 1 Automatic Knife 7100 BW:
The most recently launched product from Kershaw’s launch series, this knife has a steel blade with a black anodized handle, giving it a perfect, sharp look. A sharp thick blade that’s sustained by a handle that’s sturdy enough to cope up with the action of any intensity. Again US made, this knife too stands at the top owing to its excellent quality and endurance capacity.

US military bayonets:
These knives are perfect for those who venture out on hunting expeditions. Bayonets are meant to be attached to the gun when required and can be converted into a worthwhile close combat weapon. Even by themselves, these knives are perfect as they have a sharp pointed tip which acts as an ideal attack and defense mechanism.

Have you made your pick yet?


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