Picking the type of blade edge knife for you is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider to say that this knife matches your need. But before you decide to buy, it might be best to give some time in researching information about knives.

How to Choose the Right Blade Edge?

If you are looking for something to read now, here are some of the information you are looking for:

The Purpose of The Knife

This is the part you determine the use of the knife. There are questions you need to answer:

 a. Why do you want a knife?

 b. How will the knife be used?

 c. What important features do you need in a knife?

 d. What materials do you want in a knife?

Fixed of Folding

The next thing you need to decide whether your knife will be fixed or folding type of blade. The fixed blade is used for heavy duty and easy to clean the handle. It also comes with a sheath where you can store the knife. Folding blade is safe to carry around. This is because the lock won’t open immediately and it will be closed most of the time. But it is not easy to clean. You have to be careful when cleaning the folding mechanism part. A folding knife is easier to carry around and more convenient.

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Fixed Blade. A fixed blade has a solid steel handle. It has a one-piece handle that is either half or full tang. If you are going to pick a knife that is for a heavy and tough job, this is the knife for you. It can be easily used for dressing and any camping tasks.

Folding Blade. The folding mechanism makes this knife safety to carry around. It can also be convenient with its compact size. Every folding knife has its own opening and closing method.

Blade Shapes

This is another factor you should consider when it comes to choosing a knife. You have to take into consideration the shape according to what best for you. Here are the common styles:

1. The Drop Point. It has a thick and strong shape used for the heavy task. You can use this knife in any general tasks. The top part of the blade drops down until the tip. This knife is good when it comes to minimizing the accident when you use it for skinning.

2. Tanto. Another blade shape that is used for heavy duty task. Ideal for scraping, prying and piercing tasks with the tough materials. This is the most common tactical knife chosen by many people.

3. Clip. It has a sharp point because the crescent tip is a thin blade. It provides good control when it comes to cutting in a small space. The blade is also ideal when you do intentional punctures such as putting a new hole in your belt. It can give you effective detailed work.

4. Serrations. This shape of the blade gives a great cutting task. The knife is used for cutting cables and lines.

There are more types of blade shapes you can choose. You can give some research about them.


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