Hunting knives have been popular for a long time, and this is primarily due to the fact that they were used as a tool to hunt animals and acquire their meat. Even though a lot of tools that humans have always used have evolved, the hunting knife has, for the most part, remained unchanged.

Apart from the change in materials and the production methods implemented to manufacture said knives, the purpose of hunting knives have also largely remained unchanged. Let us look at some of the best hunting knives of 2018

1.     Buck Hunting Knife 124

The iconic Buck hunting knife has been around for what seems like a really long time, and throughout their existence, the company has released knives in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of hinters. The best part is that the quality of these knives has never suffered. Buck Hunting Knife 124 is a knife that features a blade that is six ¼. The blade itself is made out of stainless steel, high carbon. It is also exceptionally well suited for all kinds of works related to hunting.

2.     Cold Steel Hunting Knife

A skinner is a type of hunting knife that is mainly used for the sole purpose of skinning the game that you have hunted, and in this unique class, the Cold Steel’s Mini Tac certainly takes the cake due to the effortless skinning that it offers. Many different games can be skinned without breaking a sweat such as deer, elk, and even fish. The size of the game doesn’t matter; the skin simply tears away from the muscle with extreme ease. The blade’s material also features vanadium which adds a little bit of extra durability.

Best Hunting Knives

3.     ESEE SP Black Hunting Knife

There is no doubt that ESEE are capable of making some of the best and distinctive hunting knives out there and as far as the SP is concerned, it holds nothing back in this regard. By looking as well as feeling really good, the knife has an array of features ranging from skinning to survival. The blade itself is made out of carbon steel whereas the handles are primed for maximum comfort and accessibility. The SP is also capable of breaking glass in times of an emergency so you only need to imagine how handy the knife would be when it comes to defending yourself.

4.     Havalon Piranta Z

The Piranta Z made by Havalon features a blade that can be retractable. Although it looks small and, dare I say, weak in its stature, it can surely amaze you by how efficient it is when it comes to skinning animals. This is mainly due to the fact that the blade is exceptionally sharp and hence, the precision that it offers while skinning is second to almost none. A highly efficient knife, it can also help you produce only very little waste.


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