6 Survival Kit Items, If you are a person who loves adventure into the wilderness, you should have your own survival kit. A kit that can help you when you face a critical situation between life and death.

So, what you should include on your survival kit? Here are the essential items you should have an available in your kit.

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Fire Starter

If you want to survive in a wilderness, starting a fire is the most crucial thing you need to be able to do. It is not just for cooking for but as well as to keep away from a hungry predator and survive the cold nights in the jungle. It is the number one thing you should have in your survival kit when you are planning to have an adventure in the wild. There are three types of fire starter kit you can buy which are a match, striker and a lighter.

Survival Knife

To survive, there will be a lot of cutting things involved. You need a perfect knife to do the job. That is why it is essential to have the best high-quality survival knife as a multi-purpose tool in your wilderness adventure. You will need the knife to cut strings, skin your food, sharpen a wood stick and many more. The ideal survival knife to have should be strong and has a sharp blade to cut materials easily. The knife you will choose should also be easily carried anywhere.

First Aid Kit

Be sure you have this kit all the time when you are planning to have a vacation in the wilderness. It is a critical item that should be found easily and with you all the time. You can put a first aid kit in your vehicle or within your camp. A first aid kit should consist of a dressing, antiseptic cream, alcohol-free wipe, a tape, pin, scissors, some medicines and many more. These items are important if you have been wounded or having flu.

Compass and a Map

Don’t rely on GPS alone when it comes to survival. It would be best if you always carry your compass and map with you whenever you are going. This helps you navigate your way back to your safe place in case your GPS becomes useless. There are portable compass and map you can buy which you can easily carry around together with your other survival kit. But make sure you also know how to read a map and compass or they will be useless.

Proper Clothes

Even if you expect hot and humid temperature, it is still essential to pack clothes that are for the worst. Many people are killed because of hypothermia than you ever think. Cold nights in the wilderness are dangerous which fire alone is not enough. You need layers of clothes packed such as clothes made in wool and easy to loosen. Stay away from cotton because it retains moisture and has less insulating feature.

Emergency Whistle

It is recommended to have a whistle hanging on your neck. If you are in distress and your voice can’t reach out, you can blow your whistle and alert people in the close distance.


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