A Simple Guide to Sharpening Your Knives

A Simple Guide to Sharpening Your Knives 2A ceramic honing rod is one of the best tools you can use in sharpening your knives. Unlike steel or diamond rods, a ceramic honing rod will not grind a lot of steel from the edge. Sharpening is a very important part of knife maintenance and knowing how to sharpen them properly very essential. The reason why this is important is that sharp knives make perfect knives. If you don’t know how to sharpen knives, you will eventually ruin the edges of your knives and then you will have to buy another set. This article will show you some of the ways that you can sharpen knives with relative ease.

First off, find a trustworthy and durable ceramic honing rod. You will need first and foremost in every sharpening you will do. It can sometimes be difficult to find good and affordable tools to sharpen knives, so having the knowledge of what to look for is important. You want to find one that is strong, durable, but less abrasive.

You should also use the same tool for every knife that you own. This way, every knife you have is in uniform sharpness. With just a little bit of practice, you will quickly see how well you can sharpen knives.

Here are the steps to properly use the ceramic honing rod.

  1. The first step to place a folded towel or rug on your cutting board. You want to make sure that you won’t be damaging anything. This will also help to prevent your ceramic honing rod from moving.
  2. Next, place the rod upright with the tip on the folded towel or rug. This will greatly help to keep everything in place while you are pressing your knife against it.
  3. Make sure to set your knife at an angle to which you are comfortable.
  4. Next, gently drag the edge of the knife along the ceramic honing rod from the heel to the tip in a downward slicing motion.
  5. After you are done with the previous step, switch to the other side, and repeat everything in the same manner.
  6. Continue doing these 10 to 20 times, alternating both sides of your knife until you are satisfied with its sharpness.

To maintain your knives’ optimum efficiency, it is best to hone your knives with a ceramic honing rod twice a week. Professionals also do this to ensure that your knives will be useful to you in a long time.

Just like brushing your teeth regularly and properly, the importance of sharpening knives works the same. Sharp knife edges work better and will make your work in the kitchen much faster. Even the best and most expensive knives will go dull if you don’t properly maintain it. Honing your knives is a way to keep it as strong as possible. Sharpening knives is actually easier than you might think and it is a useful hobby that goes a long way.

If you find that your knives are no longer cutting things as efficiently as before, it is high time you hone it with a trusty ceramic honing rod.